The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Smoking, Browning & Braising

Our Afoheat continuous thermal processing offering consists of gas powered infrared and direct flame technologies for smoking, browning and braising meat and poultry, fish, vegetables and baked goods. We add value through our capabilities that enhance the appearance, aroma or taste of value-added food products with our broad set of continuous thermal technologies.
  • Afoflame™ Series: Tunnel of Fire

    Our Afoflame™ line features gas-powered direct flame technologies for color and flavor development. With it's unique framework and burner configuration, the Tunnel of Fire offers roasting, braising and browning benefits to processors of...
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  • Afogrill™ Select: Deli Solutions

    Our custom-built Afogrill™ Select for deli solutions combines two methods of heat transfer when grilling or roasting, namely infrared radiation complemented by classic convective heat. Both methods of heat transfer are independently adjustable...
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  • Afogrill™ Series

    Our Afogrill Series feature electric powered infrared tunnels that provide surface pasteurization of deli meats. When paired with our Afosmoke Series this line offers unparalleled browning and smoking benefits in just 60 seconds.
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  • Afosmoke™ Series

    Our Afosmoke™ Series offers drenching solutions for the equal distribution of liquid across and around product. Most commonly this equipment is used as a liquid smoke applicator paired with the Afogrill Series to...
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  • Aforôti™ Select

    Our custom-built Aforôti™ Select infrared rotating grill is an alternative solution to the traditional rotisserie for grilling meat and poultry products.
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