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Opti Enclosed Pipeline X-ray Meat Inspection System

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  • Specs are dependent upon pump size and x-ray unit selected
  • Marlen OPTI model vacuum pump coupled with enclosed pipeline x-ray inspection unit
  • Robust construction, designed for demanding US food manufacturing environments
  • Smooth, gentle product handling
  • Modular design for ease of cleaning, maintenance and reliability to maximize uptime
  • Allen Bradley controls with PackML compliant data

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      Product Description

      Is purge runoff from your meat x-ray system draining your yields? Our enclosed pipeline x-ray inspection system increased yields by 1.5 to 3%. An OPTI pump from Marlen pulls the strongest vacuum on the market and minimizes air pockets for greater imaging during the bone detection process. Uniquely designed for high-speed inspection of boneless whole muscle, trim and ground meat and poultry products. Up to 30,000 pounds per hour throughput.


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