The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Industrial Dehydrator

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  • Increased air velocity over the surface of the product results in more uniform process conditions, day after day.
  • Innovative design keeps air in the "processing" zone for better performance.
  • Rapid moisture removal promotes faster drying cycles.
Marlen thermal processing equipment includes food processing ovens, smokehouses, industrial dehydrators, steam cook cabinets, blast chill cells, brine chill cabinets, progressive cook / chill systems, continuous cook / chill processes, automated mold systems, smoker generators, air scrubbers, chillers, cookers, monorail continuous process systems, serpentine continuous process systems, and Marlen parts.

  • Smart Balance design uses fans, ducts and dampers, all working together to deliver the uniformity and efficiency no other thermal system can match. The Smart Balance design also uses 45° wall-to-floor deflectors to help enhance airflow. Increased air velocity over the surface of the product results in more uniform process conditions, day after day
  • Permanent factory air balancing of both supply and return air, ensures repeatable and consistent results
  • Innovative design keeps air in the “processing” zone for better performance.
  • Rapid moisture removal promotes faster drying cycles
  • Direct drive rotating dampers, with an innovative damper brake assembly to ensure that the critical breakpoint creates repeatable and consistent processing conditions
  • Every design element is aimed at producing repeatable and consistent results in terms of temperature, color and yield.
  • Custom designed around your product, your process, and your facility.
  • Complete process verification through Powis-6000 Control system that verifies each cooking step, validates all changes, and provides complete HACCP data reporting after the process
  • Energy efficient and simple design reduces horsepower requirements
  • Single-inlet backward-inclined fan uses less horsepower to achieve required airflow for uniform cooking
  • Innovative direct drive damper design replaces unreliable chain drive systems
  • Robust contruction, easy to maintain
  • Pitched roof allows drainage from center to sides
  • Hinged supply ducts allow for safe and easy access
  • Wall skins are welded to internal frame to minimize wall distortion for superior durability
  • Patented monolithic floor design minimizes harborage areas.
  • Easy access to the psychrometer pan assembly, either from inside the dehydrator or from on top of the dehydrator
  • Recessed door handles, inflation switches and flow meter for protection
  • Simple design, allows easy access to serviceable areas, even while processing
  • Marlen’s Safety-First emphasis is designed and built into every product
  • Marlen International also offers Marlen parts for our Dehydrators
  • World-class training
  • Made in the USA

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Product Description

Custom designed around your product, process and facility. Our industrial dehydrator provides a more uniform product, precise and repeatable results, complete data reporting, and easy access to serviceable areas. Visit our Riverside facility for a virtual reality tour of a Marlen deyhdrator to get a better understanding of our innovative design features and the Marlen advantage.


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