The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Linear Cookers & Air Fryers

We offer a number of high-volume linear cooking and air frying solutions for the food processing industry. From gas infrared cookers to electrical, high-speed impingement ovens, we can solve a number of food application cooking needs.
  • Afoheat™ Select Infrared Roaster

    Our custom-built Afoheat™ Select Infrared Roaster combines two methods of heat transfer for grilling, through infrared radiation and classic convective heat. Designed and built specifically to your needs, our infrared roaster is perfect...
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  • Rapidflow Linear Oven and Industrial Air Fryer – Single Zone 40-in

    Marlen’s Rapidflow Linear Oven is one of our most versatile cooking solutions combining the benefit of both high temperatures and high-velocity air impingement to brown and air fry food products as tall as...
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  • Mini Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Single Tank AquaFlow Water Cooker is used for sous vide applications in conjunction with a separate cooling method. Our Aquaflow offers a continuous scalable process that drives product consistency unlike any batch...
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  • Double-Zone Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Double-Zone AquaFlow Water Cooker offers unparalleled performance for sous vide applications, from chicken breasts and short ribs to vegetables, starches, and even eggs. By moving product continuously from a hot tank to...
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  • Triple-Zone Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Triple-Zone AquaFlow Water Cooker helps processors defeat the lengthy cooling process of most sous vide cooking applications. The Triple-Zone AquaFlow provides a continuous solution for high-capacity applications that will benefit from two...
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