The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Post-package Pasteurization

We offer a wide range of versatile, custom-built pasteurization solutions designed around your protocol and process flow. Whether you’re pasteurizing vertical form-fill-seal pouches or packaged deli products, our solutions are recognized by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service and have been validated by third-party testing laboratories. With a broad portfolio of pasteurization solutions, our team of technical advisors help processors identify the most appropriate process to achieve lethality while maintaining high product quality.

If you prefer to pasteurize post-package, our product line offers two methods of post-package pasteurization to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and specifications. Both options eliminate double handling and minimize thermal affects , and chill time.
  • Mini Aquaflow Water Pasteurizer

    Our versatile, custom-built water cook and chill systems are designed to sous vide cook, blanch, pasteurize, and chill a wide range of production needs. Engineered with food safety, efficiency, and footprint in mind,...
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  • Double-zone Aquaflow Water Pasteurizer

    Our Double-Zone AquaFlow Pasteurizer expands both the capacity and the flexibility of your product line. This machine allows you to pasteurize two times the deli products as our Mini AquaFlow. Alternatively, you could...
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  • Triple-zone Aquaflow Water Pasteurizer

    Our Triple-Zone AquaFlow Pasteurizer provides maximum capacity and flexibility for large processors. Similar to the Double-Zone AquaFlow, you can use all three tanks for heating or you can combine pasteurization and cooling into...
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  • Micro Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

    Our Micro Spiral Belt Pasteurizer provides efficient and effective protection against pathogens to ensure the safety of your RTE products. Whether you’re pasteurizing ready meals in trays, cooking rice in a bag, or...
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  • Mini Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

    Our Mini Spiral Belt Pasteurizer is perfect for expanding operations or growing product lines. The Mini Spiral Pasteurizer gives growing processors access to high-level control of cross-contamination in an economical footprint.
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  • Medium Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

    Our Medium Spiral Pasteurizer is ideal for mid-sized processors looking to grow their business in the RTE product sector. This market is expanding as consumers seek more convenient options, and a Medium Spiral...
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  • Large Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

    Our Large Spiral Belt Pasteurizer allows expanding operations dependable equipment that can expand along with you and still offer the precise control and high quality you’re accustomed to. With real-time data tracking and...
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  • XL Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

    Designed for the largest processing operations, our Unitherm XL Spiral Pasteurizer provides high-throughput post-process, post-packaging pasteurization of ready meals, pouches, bowls, and other RTE products. With a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs/hour,...
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