The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Industrial Sous Vide Water Cooking & Chilling

Our versatile, custom-built water cook and chill systems are designed to sous vide cook, blanch, pasteurize, and chill a wide range of production needs. Engineered with food safety, efficiency, and footprint in mind, our Aquaflow water cooker is equipped with sufficient water volume, movement, and recirculation. With these three elements at its core, this water cook/chill system is able to control the water temperature across the width of the belt and along the full length of the tanks. Depending on the processor’s needs, these systems can be designed with a custom tank size, including linear or stacked tanks. For searing and color development, use the AquaFlow Water Cooker in conjunction with our Afoheat searing, roasting and grilling solutions.
  • Batch Sous Vide (Water Cook/Chill) System

    Our industrial batch sous vide (water cook/chill) systems are designed to automate in-package cooking and chilling of molded and packaged meat products and ready-to-eat meals.
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  • Mini Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Single Tank AquaFlow Water Cooker is used for sous vide applications in conjunction with a separate cooling method. Our Aquaflow offers a continuous scalable process that drives product consistency unlike any batch...
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  • Double-Zone Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Double-Zone AquaFlow Water Cooker offers unparalleled performance for sous vide applications, from chicken breasts and short ribs to vegetables, starches, and even eggs. By moving product continuously from a hot tank to...
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  • Triple-Zone Aquaflow Water Cooker

    Our Triple-Zone AquaFlow Water Cooker helps processors defeat the lengthy cooling process of most sous vide cooking applications. The Triple-Zone AquaFlow provides a continuous solution for high-capacity applications that will benefit from two...
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  • Mini Aquaflow Water Chiller

    Our Single-Tank Mini AquaFlow Water Chiller is the most popular machine for water chilling. Alternatively, it can be used for sous vide cook-chill applications. Our Aquaflow can be used as a continuous chilling...
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  • Double-zone Aquaflow Water Chiller

    Our Double-Zone AquaFlow Water Chiller provides fast, efficient chilling for a variety of applications and features the capability to chill or cook-chill. With independent zones and times, this machine has the flexibility to...
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  • Triple-Zone Aquaflow Water Chiller

    Our largest, most flexible water chiller, the Triple-Zone AquaFlow can be used for chill only or cook-chill applications. With a capacity of up to 10,000 lbs per hour, this machine can handle even...
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