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Automatic Meat Shredder

  • Key Specs
  • Features
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  • Technical Info
  • Operating Principle:
    Continuous Flow
  • Product Capacity:
    Pork / Beef - 2,000 lbs/hr Chicken / Turkey - 3,000 lbs/hr
  • Utility Requirements:
    3-phase, 230/380/480 VAC; 50/60HZ
  • Overall Length:
  • Overall Width:
  • Overall Height:
  • Maximum Tilt:
  • Minimum Discharge Height:
    37" @ 9" tilt
  • Drive Shaft Motor:
  • Drum Drive Motor:
  • Auger Drive Motor:
  • Pre-break Motor (optional):
    1 1/2-hp
  • Conveyor Motor (optional):
Carruthers size reduction equipment includes slicers, dicers, cutting equipment, butt-free blades, strip cutting, whole muscle, cooked or fresh and log meat cutting, snack stick cutting, cubing, shedders, portioners, cleaning carts and Carruthers parts. Marlen size reduction equipment includes grinders, particle reduction systems, jet knifes, forming equipment, and Marlen parts.

  • Carruthers Auto-Shredder is a continuous flow machine allowing for a smooth integration into any processing line.
  • Designed to easily break down tough products such as cooked beef logs with the same efficiency as it does softer products such as cooked chicken breast.
  • Optional pre-break system that serves as both a product metering device and initial size reduction tool which minimizes breakage and maximizes yield.
  • All mechanisims (auger, main spindle, drum, pre-break and shredding cage) function via the shredder’s direct drive for increased efficiency and a longer wear life.
  • Variable frequency drive speed control for greater product flexibility.
  • A retractable drum, quick release radials and flight rods as well as a removable drive shaft and auger provides easy access to the machine’s components for improved sanitation and better hygiene.
  • Constructed of stainless steel, the Auto-Shredder also features a number of angled surfaces and reduced hollow zones for improved water run off to prevent microbial buildup.
  • Carruthers Shredders are designed and constructed to make operation and maintenance easier to maximize uptime.
  • Innovative design
  • Controllable product appearance fine to coarse
  • Multi-product versatility
  • Fast, high volume processing
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Marlen International also offers Carruthers parts for the Auto-Shredder
  • Made in the USA

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    Product Description

    Our innovative and uniquely designed Carruthers automatic meat shredder is a continuous flow machine with throughput exceeding 2,000 pounds (907 kg) per hour without the expense of intensive manual labor. This is our solution for a consistent "hand pulled" look for beef, pork or poultry. Tabletop meat shredders are available for smaller batches.


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