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24-PAK Filler

  • Key Specs
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Technical Info
  • Fill Stations:
  • CPM:
  • Slide or Bowl Fill:
  • Maximum Portion Diameter:
    3.125" (79.37 mm)
  • Maximum Portion Height:
    2.375" (60.3 mm)
  • Maximum Portion Weight:
    0.5 lb (0.22 kg)
Carruthers filling equipment for meats and other dry solid products includes fillers, rotary fillers, volumetric fillers, portioners, and Carruthers parts. Carruthers rotary volumetric fillers are available in many portioning configurations to suit your container line, whether continuous or indexing, single or multi-lane, trays, pouches, thermoform packages, jars, cups, cans.

Maximizes product yields and minimizes waste.

  • Target fill sonic sensor assures fill weight accuracy (+/- 2%) is achieved within each fill station
  • Bowl-fill process minimizes fines and reduces product damage due to more efficient processing
  • Accurate product placement into containers as a result of tightly formed portions
  • Non-stick tamper heads assure product is accurately deposited/filled

Enables versatile, flexible filling.

  • Quick and easy ‘on the fly’ adjustments to fill weights
  • Designed to enable indexing between containers for labeling, weighing, and rejects
  • Allows for connection with product infeed systems
  • Models are easily adaptable for future applications

Reduces maintenance and downtime.

  • Simplified design for ease of maintenance and service due to less complex parts
  • Direct drive results in less maintenance and reduced downtime (e.g. no chains and sprockets)

Features easier cleanability and superior hygiene.

  • Few parts and less intricate parts (e.g. fewer sharp edges and oddly shaped features) enables easier cleaning and improved hygiene

Equipped with easy to use controls.

  • Operator interface is equipped with a user-friendly color touch screen and includes troubleshooting, diagnostics and service data.

Designed for safer filling.

  • Interlock guarding system to protect operators from hazardous motion. Meets highest safety ratings and standards.

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    Product Description

    Our Carruthers 24-station high speed rotary volumetric filler is designed for filling food products into cans, jars, cups or bottom fill. Speeds up to 600 CPM with fill weights up to one pound per portion. Ideal for filling small rigid containers with small moist particulate such as chewing tobacco or flaked tuna.