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Vari-Kut Inline Electric Meat Grinder

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  • Vari-Kut Electric 8-in In-line Grinder
  • Air Requirements:
    5 cfm at 100 psi
  • Power Unit (3-phase 60 HZ):
    104/52 A 25 hp 230/460V
  • Vari-Kut Electric 11-in In-line Grinder
  • Air Requirements:
    5 cfm at 100 psi
  • Power Unit (3-phase 60 HZ):
    68/34 A 40 hp 230/460V 104/52 A
Carruthers size reduction equipment includes slicers, dicers, cutting equipment, butt-free blades, strip cutting, whole muscle, cooked or fresh and log meat cutting, snack stick cutting, cubing, shedders, portioners, cleaning carts and Carruthers parts. Marlen size reduction equipment includes grinders, particle reduction systems, jet knifes, forming equipment, and Marlen parts.

  • Marlen’s versatile electric in-line Grinder can be used in a variety of processing applications. When fed by a Marlen pump, the Vari-Kut produces improved particle definition, reduced smearing and cell damage, and only minimal temperature rise.
  • The grinder housing (elbow) is made of heavy stainless steel design that ensures years of dependable service with no rust
  • Cutting speed is controlled by an electric motor which results in complete control of product texture and cut length to maximize product appearance.
  • The Vari-Kut uses readily available standard plates and knives. Available in two sizes (8-5/8″ and 11″).
  • The In-Line grinder head can be rotated a full 360 degrees to allow an infinite variety of processing applications. It can be mounted at the pump or at a remote location, and easily mates with ancillary equipment. An optional automatic bone-collect system removes objectionable fragments, and a vacuum option can be added to help improve product color and shelf life.
  • The knife blades are designed to deliver a precise, clean cut that produces consistent particle definition, without smear. The single cut design results in decreased drying times and increased shelf life.
  • The In-Line Grinder offers continuous in-line bone collection to produce a top quality product
  • Single cut design gives processors a consistent, clean cut and formulation savings
  • Marlen International also offers Marlen parts for in-line grinders
  • Made in the USA

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      Product Description

      Marlen's Vari-Kut electric inline meat grinder is a particle reduction system with variable speed control. It is regarded as one of the industry's best grinding solutions available.