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Batch Sous Vide (Water Cook/Chill) System

Image_Batch Sous Vide System
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  • Not applicable; all batch sous vide systems are custom designed specifically for your application/operation.
  • Simple, proven design offering fully automatic product loading/unloading systems
  • Optimal uniform cooking and chilling with ideal heat transfer efficiency as a result of immersed cooking and chilling technology
  • Maintains precise uniform and repeatable cooking temperatures and adheres to HACCP requirements
  • Controlled “ramp up” style step cooking for optimization of cooking process
  • Only one person required to oversee water cook-chill system
  • System integration with back-end product handling equipment
  • Multi-lingual simplified Allen-Bradley controls, including data collection and batch reporting for critical process information
  • Sanitary design – all welded
  • Water treatment solutions such as sterilization, chlorine, ozone or filtration


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    Product Description

    Our industrial batch sous vide (water cook/chill) systems are designed to automate in-package cooking and chilling of molded and packaged meat products and ready-to-eat meals.


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