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Afogrill™ Dual-lane Infrared Pasteurizer

Image_Unitherm Dual Lane IR Pasteurizer
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  • Dimensions:
    6.75 ft (2.06 m) W x 16.33 ft (4.98 m) L x 7.17 ft (2.18 m) H
  • Belt widths:
    Two tunnels at 11-in (280 mm) W each
  • Capacity:
    12,000 – 14,400 lbs (5,400 – 6,500 kg) per hour
  • Accomplishes browning effects and surface pasteurization in less than one minute
  • Independent control of top and bottom elements account for color variation due to distance from infrared to product
  • Small footprint, comparatively large throughput
  • Achieves a 3-log reduction in Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Can be used as a standalone unit for simple surface pasteurization or integrated with the Afosmoke™ for smoking, browning, and pasteurization in under two minutes
  • Easy to use HMI screen allows for recipe creation for consistent results, every time
  • Built to USDA accepted sanitary design standards
  • CE compliant

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Product Description

Our Dual-Lane Afogrill™ Infrared Pasteurizer is perfect for processors that want to significantly boost their operations but still maintain a small footprint. With two tunnels and just a 60-second process, the Dual-Lane Infrared Pasteurizer will ensure that your RTE deli products are pasteurized quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards of food safety.

Our Infrared Pasteurizers are designed specifically for the deli meat industry. This patented technology offers combined browning and pasteurization benefits in a compact footprint. The product is pre-cooked and chilled before it passes through the Infrared Pasteurizer. Our pasteurizer offers 360° coverage of your product with heating elements on top, bottom, and sides, encompassing your product in radiant infrared heat reaching over 1,000°F (537°C). The short 60-seconds residence time allows your product to retain its core temperature of 4°F so it’s ready for immediate packaging upon exit.


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