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AE Logger Meat Portioner

Carruthers AE Logger with 48-in Staging Conveyor
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  • Product Type
    Slices and Portions tough products like Jerky snack sticks or fragile products like bologna logs and braunschweiger. Finished product is clean cut with no loss of structure, and no moisture loss.
  • Size of Product
    Belt widths of 12” available. Product sizes up to 7” tall can be processed
  • Temperature
    Slice chilled product down to 25°F or fresh product at refrigerated temperatures
  • Flexibility
    Slice a full range of slicing from 1/16” and up, and chub/portion sizes up to any length
  • Continuous Flow
    Processes a continuous flow of product; does not require an operator as batch process machines do
  • Throughput
    Capacity of an AE-Logger on 6ft Deli Logs chubbing at 6” long will be over 3,000 lbs/hour. Lesser throughput will be experienced on smaller cut lenghts; higher throughput may be achieved on larger cuts. Maximum belt speed of 40 ft/min.
  • Utilities
    3-Phase AC power, 240 / 380 / 415 / 480 voltages available. Compressed air, 100 psi, 5 scfm, no water required.
Carruthers size reduction equipment includes meat slicers, meat dicers, meat cutting equipment, butt-free blades, strip cutting, whole muscle, cooked or fresh and log meat cutting, snack stick portioning, cubing, shredders, meat portioners, cleaning carts and Carruthers parts. Marlen size reduction equipment includes inline grinders, particle reduction systems, jet knifes, forming equipment, and Marlen parts.

  • AE Logger is an one-dimensional portioner that provides processors with improved processing speed and lower labor costs.
  • Patented cutting action allows for clean, precise cuts on a wide range of products such as deli meats, loaves, processed logs, snack sticks, and more.
  • Portion control design assures maximum yields by achieving cut length accuracies to within 1/16.”
  • The AE Logger is designed and constructed to make operation and maintenance easier to maximize uptime.
  • Fully programmable cut sizes of any length
  • Ends reject capability
  • Product length sensing
  • Auto-bar code recognition for fast cut pattern recall
  • Specify lengths or numbers of lengths for portion control accuracy
  • Fully sealed belts
  • Stainless steel drive pulleys
  • Direct drive Servo motors
  • Marlen International also offers Carruthers parts for the AE Logger and Portioner
  • Made in the USA

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    Product Description

    Programmable one-dimensional meat portioner for deli meats, deli loafs or snack sticks. Specify lengths or numbers of lengths for portion control accuracy of 1/16", and automatically remove ends and clips.


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