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1-PAK Filler

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  • Fill Stations:
  • Slide or Bowl Fill:
  • Maximum Portion Diameter:
    5.875" (149.23 mm)
  • Maximum Portion Height:
    8" (203.2 mm)
  • Maximum Portion Weight:
    5 lbs (2.28 kg)
Carruthers filling equipment for meats and other dry solid products includes fillers, rotary fillers, volumetric fillers, portioners, and Carruthers parts. Carruthers rotary volumetric fillers are available in many portioning configurations to suit your container line, whether continuous or indexing, single or multi-lane, trays, pouches, thermoform packages, jars, cups, cans.

  • Designed as a single-station rotary volumetric filler for portioning of dry products such as raw or cooked meats, and vegetables
  • Designed to deposit portions from a few ounces to over five pounds with amazing accuracy and product appearance
  • Our patented technology helping processors save labor costs and improve fill weight accuracyand processing speeds for these hard to fill products
  • Portion shape, size and placement are all defined and placed accurately to keep seals and containers clean
  • Our target fill sonic sensors assure maximum yields by achieving fill weight accuracy within each fill station
  • Our unique patented slide-fill process surrounds over-sized and random shaped product while portioning to reduce damage
  • Designed to eliminate the need for moisture. Products flow gently without adding liquid which allows seasonings to stay on, assuring better quality in taste and appearance.
  • Our design allows the product to be positively fed through the machine, this means no bridgingas it does not rely on vacuum or gravity
  • Designed and constructed to maximize uptime through easy operation and maintenance
  • Extensive design effort assures that our 1-PAK Filler is easy to clean
  • Adjust fill weights “On the Fly.” Adjustments can be made at start up or in production. No wasted time or product “dialing in.”
  • Fully mechanical design using a single motor which makes trouble shooting easier
  • Marlen International also offers Carruthers parts for the 1-PAK Filler
  • Made in the USA

Carruthers 1-PAK rotary volumetric filler is available in many portioning configurations to suit your container line, whether continuous or indexing, single or multi-lane, trays, pouches, thermoform packages, jars, cups, cans.

Rigid Containers (Cans/Jars)

  • Containers fed thru filler
  • Bottom fill capability for small mouth containers
  • Double pass capability for large or tall portions
  • Ability to compact portions in container for head space

Single-Lane Target Depositing

  • Designed for continuous moving ‘entree’ and ‘ready meal’ assembly lines at low to high speeds
  • Filler synchronized to moving containers
  • Containers such as trays, bowls, tortillas
  • Portioning pockets synchronize and move with container during discharge to assure smooth transfer and accurate placement
  • Adjustable product placement in both directions

Multi-Lane Target Depositing

  • Designed for indexing Thermoform/rollstock or multi-lane tray/cup sealing machines
  • Indexing mode for filler
  • Simple electronic handshake signal with packaging machine
  • Cantilevered design; no hardware needs to be attached to packaging machine

Vertical Pouches

  • Pre-made pouches or bags
  • Filler directly interfaced to pouch handling system for smooth transfer
  • Simplex or duplex mode

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Product Description

Our Carruthers single-station rotary volumetric filler is designed for filling food products into a wide range of container types - up to 5 lbs per portion. Our Carruthers 1-PAK filler is ideal for R&D purposes or for low production applications such as hot or cold shredded meats or freshly diced food products.