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Opti 120 HP Vacuum Stuffer & Pump

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  • Piston Diameter:
    6-1/2” (166 mm)
  • Piston Stroke:
    10” (250 mm)
  • Maximum Capacity:
    12,000 lb/hr (5443 Kg/hr)
  • Maximum Volume (based on water):
    22.7 gpm (86 lpm) based on water
  • Product Outlet:
    4” (102 mm)
  • Maximum Product Pressure:
    500 psi (34 bar)
  • Machine Weight:
    3,400 lb (1545 kg)
  • Pump Utilities:
    110V, 10AMP, 1-Ph
  • Air Requirements:
    3 CFM at 100 PSI
  • Power Unit:
    25 HP, 230/460V, 3-Ph/60HZ, 68/34 AMP
  • Cooling Water:
    Up to 8 GPM
  • Vacuum Pump:
    7.5 HP, 130 CFM, 230/460V, 22/11 AMP
Marlen vacuum stuffing and pumping systems are able to handle whole muscle, sectioned, formed, and emulsified. Marlen equipment includes twin-piston vacuum stuffers and pumps, hoppers, extruders, transducer portioning systems, depositors, vacuum fillers, grinders, forming systems, volumetric portioners, open hoppers, vacuumizing combo hoppers, load assist hoppers, auger hoppers, and Marlen parts.
  • Available in high speed or high pressure pumping versions
  • Ideal for higher speed pumping output with maximum capacity 20,000 lbs per hour, 250 psi pumping pressure
  • Ideal for higher pumping pressure applications with maximum capacity 12,000 lbs per hour, 500 psi pumping pressure.
  • Programmable Logic Controller with optional closed-looped feedback system can be customized with a variety of packages to meet your specific needs
  • Marlen’s proven twin-piston pumping system design; largest product opening on the market
  • Twin position and sleeve design allows for the industry’s highest vacuumizing pumpingavailable eliminating the need for inferior dual stage vacuumization process
  • Designed with two modes of pumping for better pressure control or controlled flow rate which allows the plant to tailor the equipment to the application
  • Opti vacuum fillers and stuffing pumps can achieve the highest vacuumization in the industry for excellent color retention results
  • Patented design eliminates metal-to-metal contact within the pump chamber which eliminates regular costly part replacement and downtime.
  • Twin-Piston Pumping Chamber features a 10° incline that increases product flow into the pumping chamber. Easier loading into the pumping chamber ensures maximum operating efficiencies.
  • Built in self diagnostic feature helps reduce down time
  • Unobstructed patented 4 inch hydraulically driven front valve for positive shifting and even product flow
  • Opti vacuum fillers and stuffing pump design reduces loose parts and simplifies cleaning
  • Hopper options include standard open top hopper to full vacuumizer hoppers with augers for load assist for complete versatility
  • High differential vacuum stuffers on vacuumized units ensures maximum removal of entrapped air for better weight control, shelf life, and casing savings
  • Patented externally adjustable diffuser valve with 8 inch inlet enables the Opti-Series to maximize the product’s exposure to vacuum
  • Power-Tilt Hopper is hydraulically operated from the touch pad control panel for full access into all product areas during cleanup. Tilts back with the touch of a finger.
  • Designed for easy operation and control with diagnostic capabilities
  • State-of-the-art control panel
  • Large recipe storage capacity
  • Foreign language customizing
  • Externally-adjustable diffuser valve (Patented)
  • Push-button controls
  • Proven twin-piston design
  • Largest product openings
  • Zero-slip design eliminates product degradation
  • Minimal product damage and fewer cuts
  • Designed to reduce the need for downstream accumulators or bypass
  • Precise metered flow or constant pressure control
  • Built to USDA accepted standards
  • Smaller number of parts simplifies cleanup
  • Marlen International also offers Marlen parts
  • Made in the USA

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Product Description

Features a twin-piston vacuum stuffing and pumping system with a variety of hopper options designed to match product requirements. Available in three models with maximum capacity of 20,000 lbs per hour, 500 psi pumping pressure. Ideal for higher speed output and higher pumping pressure applications. Can be equipped with an optional hydraulic fluid cooling unit without the need for water cooling.


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