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Micro Spiral Oven

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  • Dimensions:
    7.8-ft (2.39 m) L x 5.67-ft (1.73 m) W x 8-ft (2.44 m) H
  • Belt width:
    12-in (300 mm)
  • Tiers:
    4 to 8 available
  • Capacity:
    225-450 lbs (100-200 kg)/hour
  • Superheated vapor cooking environment creates 263 kcal/m³ more energy versus convection cooking, reducing cook times and improving yields.
  • Integrated heat source with up to 22 air exchanges in cooking chamber per minute allows for fast startup and improved responsiveness during on-the-fly recipe changes.
  • Impingement zone adjacent to heat source blows 500° F (260° C) air at speeds of up to 2,000 ft/min (610m/min) upon product to maximize rapid color development for finishing.
  • Configurable airflow components for multi-directional heating featuring Up, Down, Horizontal, and Oscillating for inside/outside belt temperature balance.
  • Reduced profile internal supports and belting optimize airflow control and velocity enabling balanced air temperatures across the belt.
  • Multiple probes located near the product, resulting in precise oven condi-tions and optimal finished product.
  • Optimal heat transfer facilitates ability to cook, dry, steam, bake, proof, equilibrate, brown, pasteurize, roast, or combination cook.
  • PID controlled temperature range from 203° F (95° C) to 450° F (232° C) with air temperatures as high as 500° F (260° C) in the impingement zone and up to 500° F (260° C) in the heat exchanger.
  • Optional servo motors rotate at 1,000 times per second to maintain accu-rate, smooth belt speeds. Servos also support extreme tolerances under weights of full product loads.
  • Voice of customer lead development of an intuitive icon-based touchscreen for recipe selection, maintenance, and sanitation including multi-language options.
  • Ewon for remote monitoring, login for maintenance, and data logging capabili-ties for the ever-evolving IIoT and Industry 4.0.
  • Safety design features meet CE compliance and include UL Panel Certification.
  • Sanitary and compact design reduces surface area for cleaning. Large doors enable full access for inspection without any additional height needed for hood lifting.
  • Optional no-leak patented sealed electrical boxes withstand 1350 PSI direct spray to edge of silicon seal.
  • Equipped with hygienic cable management system and IP69K rated stainless steel 8-port block with push lock plugs and I/O indicators for the harshest environments.
  • Fully integrated CIP system uses a combination of high-volume rinse, recirculat-ed wash, belt/brush contact, and chemical application to clean the oven. Time and temperature settings are controlled via the HMI.
  • Scalable modular concept with plug-and-play utilities, and configurable belt options based on your products like number of belt tiers, usable width, and length.
  • Multiple zones achieved with optional modular descending design and/or in combination with Afoheat™ Surface Treatment solutions.
  • Independent inline modular spirals provide unique time and temperature flexibility.

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    Product Description

    Perfect for small processors and those just starting to move from a batch process to a continuous one, our Micro Spiral Ovens can replace up to three batch rack ovens. They provide all of the benefits of a full-sized machine in a compact design. Whether you’re cooking bacon, vegetables, or burgers, a Micro Spiral Oven will instantly boost your throughput and improve your product quality.

    Marlen Spiral Ovens are engineered to deliver the highest product quality and consistency, while maximizing control and productivity per square foot. Our unique design equilibrates temperatures across the belt and minimizes energy loss at the infeed and outfeed, minimizing energy utility requirements and boosting overall efficiency. The oven’s control system automatically adjusts to operator recipes with precision results on product color, texture, and moisture, so you can yield those juicy, crispy, tender, cooked-to-perfection results. Better Process…Better Food®.



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