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Opti-Xtrude Extruder

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  • Type of Machine:
  • Piston Size (Dia. x Stroke):
    6" x 14"
  • Max. Product Pressure:
    Up to 250 psi (17 bar)
  • Output - Max Rated:
    2,354 lbs/hr (1,068 Kg/hr)
  • Basic Hopper Capacity:
    300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Product Outlet (standard):
    8" flanged
  • Machine Weight:
    2,450 lbs (1111.3 kg)
Marlen vacuum stuffing and pumping systems are able to handle whole muscle, sectioned, formed, and emulsified. Marlen equipment includes twin-piston vacuum stuffers and pumps, hoppers, extruders, transducer portioning systems, depositors, vacuum fillers, grinders, forming systems, volumetric portioners, open hoppers, vacuumizing combo hoppers, load assist hoppers, auger hoppers, and Marlen parts.

  • Designed specifically for continuous extrusion of shear sensitive materials
  • Typical Applications: Corn chips, taco shells, tortilla chips, corn tortillas, masa curls, corn snacks
  • Vacuum pump piston design provides even product appearance with fewer fines and spatters
  • Creates the optimum product density with maximum oil absorption for higher product quality, taste and yield
  • Increased capacity. Equipped with 6” pumping cylinders and 6” outlets connected to an 8” outlet which allows for even product flow at a uniform rate.
  • The product is subjected to very little shear which maximizes yield by minimizing waste
  • Designed to be fitted with an elbow and corn chip die assembly for a consistent product appearance
  • Zero-slip design and low shear operation eliminates product degradation
  • Minimizes waste. Less fines in the cooking oil decreases filtering and extends cooking oil life
  • Marlen International also offers Marlen parts for our OPTI-Xtrude model
  • Made in the USA

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    Product Description

    Marlen’s Opti-Xtrude Extruder is designed for the extrusion of viscous, shear-sensitive corn masa or potato starch. Our Opti-Xtrude model, with its zero-slip, low-shear operation is capable of extruding a variety of products with improved product appearance and a higher product quality. From potato rings and twists to corn chips and snacks, Marlen extruders are known as the leader for continuous pumping.