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Micro Spiral Chiller

Marlen Mini Spiral Chiller
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  • Dimensions:
    16.32-ft (4.97 m) L x 12.16-ft (3.73 m) W x 9-ft (2.74 m) H
  • Belt dimesions:
    12-in (300 mm) wide; Up to 265-ft (overall) 167-ft (collapsed)
  • Belt heights:
    Infeed 1.79-ft (0.55 m); Exit 7.4-ft in (274.2 mm)
  • Belt tiers:
    9 to 16 tiers available
  • Capacity:
    225 – 450 lbs (100 – 200 kg) per hour
  • Mechanical freeze or chill (freon, glycol or ammonia refrigeration)
  • Variable speed circulation fan with external motor mount design
  • Reaches temperatures down to -40° F (-40° C)
  • Machine-mounted prewired controls
  • CIP with built-in belt wash system
  • Sanitary cable routing
  • Hot steam sterilization
  • Multiple recipe settings
  • Ethernet connection for remote monitoring
  • Recipe driven clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Fully welded; stainless steel 304 & 316 materials
  • Free-standing on sanitary adjustable feet
  • Single-piece shipment; installation-ready
  • Compatible inline options: 12-in (300mm) spiral oven, Afoheat micro flame grill and Deighton 12-in (300mm) fry line

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    Product Description

    Our Micro Spiral Chillers are ideal for processors looking for a scalable solution that is fully welded, mechanical, and compact. Use as a standalone solution or build multiple lines with this industrial production machine. Micro Spiral Chillers deliver ultra-hygienic design features while maximizing production capacity in a compact design. This chiller’s horizontal airflow offers efficient freezing or chilling without the ongoing operational expense of cryogenics such as nitrogen gas. The chiller’s control system automatically adjusts to recipe setpoints, including CIP with steam sterilization. The Micro Spiral Chiller provides a reliable solution for targeting consistent product core temperatures, with optimal moisture retention, so you can yield those juicy, crispy, tender, and safely frozen or chilled-to-perfection results. Better Process…Better Food®.