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Triple-zone Aquaflow Water Pasteurizer

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  • Dimensions:
    8.92 ft (2.72 m) W x 38.33 ft (11.68 m) L x 12.67 ft (3.86 m) H
  • Belt width:
    68-in (1,700 mm) W
  • Capacity:
    3,000 – 10,000 lbs (1,350 – 4,500 kg) per hour
  • Sous vide cook, blanch, water cook, pasteurize and chill
  • Custom designed and built to your available footprint
  • Independently controlled zones
  • Recipe driven with residence time from 60 seconds to over 6 hours
  • Hot water heating up to 203° F (95° C) Cold water chilling to 0° F (-17° C)
  • Cook-in-bag or loose such as diced potatoes, pasta, and other starches
  • Fresh water rinse option on exit for starch applications
  • Eliminates double handling and heating
  • Direct steam injection for efficiency
  • Sparging capability with shower drench
  • Dedicated recirculating pump for each zone
  • Temperature probe control maintains temperature across the width of the belt and along the full length of the tanks
  • Flighted belt design to maintain product integrity
  • Inline filters
  • Hygienic design facilitates cleaning

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    Product Description

    Our Triple-Zone AquaFlow Pasteurizer provides maximum capacity and flexibility for large processors. Similar to the Double-Zone AquaFlow, you can use all three tanks for heating or you can combine pasteurization and cooling into one continuous process. In any case, your products will be full pasteurized in just 2 to 3 minutes, extending their shelf life and reducing your risk of a recall.

    Our Aquaflow Water Pasteurizers are installed in facilities around the world to post-package pasteurize a variety of products ranging from hot dogs to liquid eggs. Using a combination of technologies that incorporate steam injection, water agitation, and recirculation, products can be pasteurized with precise temperature control. The Aquaflow gently carries the product on a flighted conveyor through a recipe driven heating and chilling process. Maximize throughput with minimal throughput with a fully customizable stacked tank design.



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