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AE 5000 2D Dicer

Image_AE 12-in 2D Dicer
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  • Belt Width:
    12" and 20" available
  • Temperature Range:
    25°F to fully cooked from the oven
  • Slicing Range:
    1/8" - 3"
  • Capacity:
    Over 5,000 lbs/hr
  • Maximum Belt Speed:
    40 ft/min
  • Feed Opening:
    For product up to 5" H x Any Length
  • Electrical Requirement
    3-Phase AC power,240 / 380 / 415 / 480 voltages available.
Carruthers size reduction equipment includes meat slicers, meat dicers, meat cutting equipment, butt-free blades, strip cutting, whole muscle, cooked or fresh and log meat cutting, snack stick portioning, meat cubing, meat shredders, meat portioners, cleaning carts and Carruthers parts. Marlen size reduction equipment includes inline grinders, particle reduction systems, jet knifes, meat forming equipment, and Marlen parts.

  • Our patented cutting action uses conveyors to hold and control the product. Our low rpm, stay-sharp blades produce accurate, consistent sizing without ripping or tearing of product. This creates minimal fines which provide the best quality cut available.
  • Processes product up to 5″ in height at any length, without the need for pre-cutting.
  • Designed for minimal moisture loss, product is fed and discharged gently which minimizes breakage and maximizes dice yield.
  • Designed to process tough, fatty products with sinew or gristle. Slice, dice, strip, maintain grain orientation and cut any size from 1/8″ to 4.”
  • Continuous flow processing design allows for a smooth integration into any processing line. No need for batching.
  • Capable of processing crust-frozen (hard outsdide, soft in the center), fresh product at refrigerated temperates, or fully cooked (up to 190 deg F) product right from the oven. There is no need to chill or temper the meat in order to dice/slice effectively.
  • Slice, dice, strip, and maintain grain orientation. Provides full range of slicing/dicing from 1/8″ to over 3″ on the same machine.
  • Made in the USA.

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    Product Description

    Our AE 5000 2D Dicer provides cuts to length and width spec, in sequence (leaving natural height/thrid dimension in tact). Known as a meat dicer, this model processes whole muscle cooked or fresh log meats and other products by slicing, dicing, and strip cutting on one unit.


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