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Mini Spiral Belt Pasteurizer

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  • Dimensions:
    7.58 ft (2.31 m) W x 13.5 ft (4.11 m) L x 10.33 ft (3.15 m) H
  • Belt width:
    16-in (400 mm) W
  • Tiers:
    5 to 10 available
  • Capacity:
    750 – 1,800 lbs (350 – 800 kg) per hour
  • Variables for unique recipe creation includes control of time, temperature, and steam
  • Unique patented airflow maintains even temperatures across the belt
  • Easy to use HMI with data traceability and ability to save hundreds of recipes
  • Temperatures can reach 450°F (230°C)
  • Gas and electric models available
  • Standard available belt width includes 16” (400mm) – custom solutions available
  • Capacity ranges and respective models reach from 225 lbs (100kg) / hr to 20,000 lbs (9,000 kgs) / hr
  • Mirrored models available for modular growth to double capacities as your production requirements increase
  • In-line belt wash and customizable recipe driven CIP control included for effective cleaning
  • EWON Wi-Fi module and ethernet connection included
  • Manufactured and engineered in the USA with worldwide locations for parts, field service, and technical support
  • Can be integrated into a complete cook line incorporating a flame grill and spiral chiller / freezer or installed as a stand-alone unit
  • CE Compliant

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      Product Description

      Our Mini Spiral Belt Pasteurizer is perfect for expanding operations or growing product lines. The Mini Spiral Pasteurizer gives growing processors access to high-level control of cross-contamination in an economical footprint.