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Production of Quality Pizza Toppings with a Marlen Jet Knife Forming System

Marlen’s Jet Knife is an attachment designed for use in conjunction with our Vari-Kut Inline Grinder particle reduction system. The jet knife is ideal for forming individual meat or alternative plant-based meat particulates such as pizza toppings, meatballs or other products used in chili, soups and pet food.

Jet Knife Method of Operation

Using our Marlen OPTI Series vacuum pump, the meat or plant-based formulation is pumped through the Jet Knife whereby it passes through a forming plate. The plate can be configured with one uniform shaped hole or individual holes in the plate can vary, depending on the desired appearance of the finished product. Variable cutting speeds allow for changes to product consistency, definition, and texture.

As product passes through the forming plate, steam is injected through the Jet Knife to allow the protein to set up on the surface of the newly formed meat particle. The product is then ejected into a water or oil bath for cooking or onto a conveyor belt which takes the meat particulates through an oven for final cook.

Precise, Clean Cutting Results in Consistent Formed Pizza Toppings

The Jet Knife blades are designed to deliver a precise, clean cut that produces consistent particle definition, without smear. The single cut design results in decreased drying times and increased shelf life. The variable speed electric (or hydraulic) motor permits control of the meat particle cut length which helps maintain control of particle length to other downstream equipment.

For over 60 years, pizza topping manufacturers have relied on Marlen’s Jet Knife for the production of pizza toppings to support their foodservice business. It’s the ideal solution to create the best meat pizza toppings and give the customer exactly what they need, consistently.

Quality Pizza Toppings: It’s All About the Meat

According to a study shared by Huffington Post in late 2019, 34% of Americans surveyed included sausage in their top three favorite pizza toppings. Of course, pepperoni ranked first with a 52% of the votes. With pizza ranking as one of top 5 foods that Americans would want to eat for the rest of their lives, it’s fair to say that since it’s all about the meat, quality pizza toppings are a must for higher profits related to commercial pizzas and for setting your operation apart. Whether you’re producing beef, sausage or plant-based alternative meat toppings, Marlen’s jet knife forming system can handle the production volumes required to keep up with consumer demand.

Industrial Cooking and Chilling of Meat Pizza Toppings

Meat or alternative meat pizza toppings can be ejected onto a conveyor belt which takes the meat particulates through a Marlen Spiral Oven for cooked-to-perfection results. Marlen’s Patented forward-reversing airflow and heating delivery methods are at the core of the spiral oven’s design, delivering optimum product quality and consistency, while maximizing productivity per square feet. Optimal heat transfer facilitates ability to cook, steam and brown a variety of meat toppings. The oven’s control system automatically adjusts to operator recipes with precision results on product color, texture, and moisture. After the cook step, the toppings can continuously travel through a Marlen Spiral Chiller. Better Process…Better Food®.

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