The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


  • Diced Meat

    Meat and Poultry

    From precise portioning to cooking and chilling and slicing and dicing, our meat and poultry processing solutions are designed for increased yields, product uniformity and higher profits.
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  • salmon


    We add value to fish products through our premium searing, roasting and bar marking solutions. Using our continuous thermal processing solutions, processors can expect increased yields, product uniformity and higher profits.
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  • Image_Bakery Goods

    Bakery Goods

    From pumping and portioning cookie dough to cubing croutons, our processing equipment is designed for the gentlest handling of baked goods, resulting in the least amount of product damage.
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  • Stack of chocolate peanut butter cup on black background.


    Our pumping and extrusion systems allow products with particulates such as cake frosting and fillings to be transferred and portioned with gentle handing, resulting in the least amount of product damage.
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  • Grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, asparagus, tomato)

    Fruits and Vegetables

    From pumping to dicing, slicing and cubing, our processing solutions are designed to handle the most delicate products while maintaining product integrity.
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  • Image_Pet Food

    Pet Food

    From high quality strip cutting to perfecting premium dehydrated pet treats, we offer safe processing solutions for producing healthy choices on the pet food aisle.
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  • Pasta shells background. Multicolor Conchiglie shell Pasta Texture Pattern Background. Red green and yellow color pasta shells in market for sale. Macaroni shell pasta colorful pattern or background

    Potatoes, Pasta and Rice

    Whether you're cooking foodservice pouches sous vide, blanching or cooking potatoes, or simply steaming starches we can help improve product quality and consistency with our continuous cooking, chilling and freezing solutions.
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  • meatballs with pepper and parsley on a wooden board.

    Formed Ready-to-Eat Patties, Nuggets & Meatballs

    We have a variety of solutions to form, bread and fry processed foods such as chicken nuggets and meatballs. Need rapid browning and cooking of sausage patties? We've got that too!
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  • Bowl of guacamole with fresh ingredients on a black table

    Snack Foods

    Whether you’re producing a premium beef snack or extruding corn masa or potato-based snack foods, we offer a variety of solutions for size reduction, dehydration and extrusion, resulting in higher product quality, taste and yield.
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  • Mushroom Jerky

    Vegan and Vegetarian

    We add value to your wholesome vegan and/or vegetarian food products with our searing, grilling, roasting and bar marking solutions for patties, formed meat alternatives and veggies. Our industrial dehydraters are also in demand for jerky style products. Finally, our automatic shredders are perfect for BBQ pulled jackfruit.
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