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Rapidflow Linear Oven and Industrial Air Fryer – Single Zone 40-in

Marlen Rapidflow 40-in Linear Oven and Air Fryer
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  • Belt width:
    40-in (1.016 m) - other models (60-in and those with multiple zones) also available
  • Circulation fans:
  • Dimensions:
    15.67 ft (4.78 m) L x 7.76 ft (2.37 m) W x 9.5 ft (2.9m) H
  • High temperature, PID controlled temperature range up to 650° F (343° C)
  • High speed impingement air to roast, sear, brown, bake, and air fry
  • Increased aperture for large profile deli products up to 8″ (203 mm)
  • Configurable airflow components for Up, Down, and Oscillating for air balance
  • Inner chamber design “free floats” from main frame to allow for thermal expansion
  • Integrated heat source with up to 60 air exchanges every 2.5 seconds for improved browning
  • Ewon for remote monitoring, login for maintenance, and data logging capabilities for the ever-evolving IIoT and Industry 4.0
  • Steam Overheat Protection System for safe cooking with high temperature
  • Ultra-hygienic design with integrated Clean-In-Place (C.I.P.) System and belt wash
  • Optional no-leak patented sealed electrical boxes withstand 1350 PSI direct spray to edge of silicon seal
  • Optional product flip for multi-zone ovens
  • Optional spray systems for application of oil, browning agents or liquid smoke

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      Product Description

      Marlen’s Rapidflow Linear Oven is one of our most versatile cooking solutions combining the benefit of both high temperatures and high-velocity air impingement to brown and air fry food products as tall as 8" (203 mm). Our Rapidflow ovens feature the structural durability of an independent inner skin design that provides durability along with safety and an ultra-hygienic design. Through the use of computational fluid dynamics and 3D modeling, these ovens are also designed with the most efficient airflow-control for optimal results.

      High-velocity airflow is at the heart of the Rapidflow oven’s design. Both bidirectional and variable speed fans enable optimal airflow settings for impingement or convection cooking. The airflow envelopes irregularly shaped products with uniform energy. Air passing through the heat exchanger is directed into the cook zone in directionally forward, reversing, or combination patterns for rapid, uniform cooking, browning or air frying of any product. The modular design expands capacity and offers multiple independently controlled zones to optimize your process and add flexibility.

      Installations around the world process a wide range of products, from crispy pork skin ham and uniform smoked turkey to golden brown pastry bites. Additionally, the oven’s versatile airflow pattern is optimal for air frying and cooking ready-to-eat food items such as meatballs, chicken wings, nuggets, and vegetables.


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