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Rapidflow Linear Oven – Dual Zone 60-in

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  • Belt width:
    60-in (1.5 m)
  • Circulation fans:
  • Dimensions:
    26.27 ft (8.0m) L x 9.69 ft (2.95 m) W x 10.19 ft (3.11 m) H
  • Machine weight:
    13,000 lbs (5,900 kg)
  • Precise temperature control with the ability to reach 650°F (343°C)
  • Roast, sear, brown, bake, convect, and impinge
  • Variable controls: temperature, water vapor, residence time, fan circulation, and extraction fan flow 40
  • Independent modular or zone controls with varying zonal temperature controls.
  • Fans control the heat transfer across the width of the belt to ensure balances heat transfer to the product
  • Unique airflow design allows for forward, reversing, or combinations recirculation and impingement
  • Maximum product height 11”
  • Easy to use HMI screen allows for recipe creation for consistent results every time
  • Gas or electric heating
  • Continuous inline belt wash
  • I.P. system
  • Sloping floor and drain
  • Ethernet support
  • Built to USDA-accepted sanitary design standards
  • 304, 14-gauge construction including Stainless steel belt, drives, shafts, and motors
  • American made, CE compliant

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      Product Description

      Our Unitherm Rapidflow Linear Oven is one of our most versatile cooking solutions. While our linear ovens have evolved over the years, the latest model still features an independent inner skin design for high-temperature browning applications and multiple independently controlled zones for optimal cooking. With high-velocity airflow at the heart of its process, the Rapidflow offers multidirectional and variable speed fans which enable operation in impingement mode with high velocity airflow or in convection mode, to envelope irregularly shaped products with uniform energy. Air passes through the heat exchanger and is then applied to the cook zone in forward, reversing, or combination patterns to create a perfect thermal atmosphere for rapid, uniform cooking or browning of any product. Recipe controls include temperature, water vapor, residence time, fan speed, and extraction rate, to provide users maximum flexibility and complete control of finished product appearance, texture, and flavor. The Rapidflow is used to process a wide range of products around the world, from crispy golden-brown whole deli turkeys to uniformly browned meat pies. Additionally, the oven’s versatile airflow pattern optimizes rapid and uniform cooking for ready meal components like meatballs, chicken drumsticks, and vegetables.


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