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Liquid Smoke Applicator – 11″ Mini

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  • Dimensions
    3.02’ (.92 m) wide x 6.31’ (1.92 m) long x 4.83’ (1.47 m) tall, excluding fan
  • Belt Width
    11" (280 mm)
  • Capacity
    4-8 pieces / minute
  • Electrical Utility Requirements
    USA: 240 VAC, 1 Ph, 10 A, 50 Hz
  • Utilizes both waterfall and trenching technologies to completely encompass the product as it travels through the tunnel
  • Flexibility across product applications allows producers to use this system for application of various ingredients whether it be liquid smoke, caramel coating, seasoning, etc
  • The liquid is captured and recycled throughout the process to reduce ingredient waste
  • An easy to use analog interface allows users to adjust the speed of the belt
  • Can be used as a standalone unit for simple coating or integrated into a processing line, when paired with the Unitherm Infrared Pasteurizer the line offers unparalleled results in smoking and browning while simultaneously achieving over a 3.0 log reduction in Listeria Monocytogenes.
  • Continuous belt wash
  • Fully insulated housing
  • 304, 14-gauge construction
  • Stainless steel belt, drives, shafts, motors
  • Manufactured and designed in USA
  • AMI sanitary design approved
  • CE Compliant

Optional Features:

  • Infeed or outfeed belt extension

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Product Description

Our Mini Afosmoke™ Liquid Smoke Applicator is ideal for processors with capacity needs ranging from 4 to 8 pieces / minute. The Afosmoke™ Series offer drenching solutions for the equal distribution of liquid smoke across and around the product.

When paired with the Afogrill™Series this line smokes, browns, and pasteurizes deli meats.