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Afoheat™ Rotisserie Roaster

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  • Not applicable; all Afoheat units are custom designed specifically for your application/operation.
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Adjustable number of cage rotations in the infrared zone
  • Adjustable burner power (flame length and intensity)
  • Convectional heat inside by PID regulation
  • Short grilling times results in no increase to product’s core temperature
  • Minimal weight loss
  • Low energy consumption due to the Afoheat pre-mix burner control
  • Belt widths and cages up to more than 1000mm. Customized solutions available.
  • Multiple parameters for product versatility
  • Fully insulated oven for minimal heat radiation
  • Equipped with a fat separator to prevent fires and control odor
  • Superior hygienic design
  • Custom tailored for any product with different shaped cages


  • Cleaning cart for cages and other accessories
  • Spray unit for liquid applications such as caramel, oil, paprika flavor, etc.

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    Product Description

    Our custom-built Afoheat™ rotisserie roaster is an alternative solution to the traditional rotisserie for grilling meat and poultry products. While grilling products in a continuous manner, our rotisserie combines our well-known Infrared technology with traditional convection heat and can handle products of various shapes and sizes (round, oval, square, etc.). This rotating roasting solution is equipped with our traditional infrared burner technology.