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Afoheat™ Flame Peeler – 60″

  • Key Specs
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Technical Info
  • Dimensions
    8.67’ (2.64 m) wide x 20.17’ (6.15 m) long x 8.17’ (2.49 m) tall *Not including fans
  • Belt Width
    60” (1500 mm)
  • Capacity
    5,000 - 28,000 lbs (2,200 - 12,700 kg) per hour
  • Burners
  • Electrical Utility Requirements
    480 VAC, 3 Ph, 42 Amp, 60 Hz
  • Gas Utility Requirements
    Up to 5.0 MBTU/Hr at 2.0 PSI (7 PSI Maximum), 2" NPT
  • Direct flame envelops the product to gently peel, roast, and char the product
  • Flexibility across product applications allows users to roast, peel, and pasteurize
  • Multiple independently controlled ribbon burners above and below the belt, allow for adjustments to flame angle, intensity, and distance from the product giving users complete control of the product’s color and flavor profile
  • An easy to use HMI screen allows recipe creation with time & relative temperature control
  • Unique heat shield design intensifies heat in the product zone, maximizing capacity and minimizing energy use
  • Can be used as a standalone unit for simple searing or integrated into a full processing line
  • Built-in Ethernet support complete with Ewon module
  • Automatic pilot system for start-up
  • Continuous belt wash
  • Integrated fire suppression system
  • Venturri gas/air control system
  • Fully insulated housing
  • 304, 14-gauge construction
  • Stainless steel belt, drives, shafts, motors
  • Manufactured and designed in USA
  • AMI sanitary design approved
  • CE Compliant

Optional Features:

  • Spray bar to cool and rinse product immediately at outfeed
  • Rod, wire, or mesh belt
  • Infeed or outfeed belt extension

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Product Description

As the largest member of our 60" Afoheat™ Flame Peeler enables large, industrial processors to achieve repeatable, high-quality roasting and peeling results in short residence times. With a comparatively small footprint for its throughput, whether you are flame roasting peppers or peeling onions the 60" Flame Peeler can revitalize your processing line in both efficiency and quality.

Part of our Afoheat™ family, our gas powered Flame Peelers use direct flame to gently roast, char, or peel as needed, with minimal yield loss.