The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Searing, Roasting & Bar Marking

  • Afobrander™ Branding

    The Afobrander™ is a brand new extension of our Afomarker™ bar marking solution. Equipped with the same features of Afomarker, the Afobrander features a drum instead of floating rings for added flexibility. Products...
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  • Afoflame™ Flame Searing

    The Afoflame™ is a continuous grill oven equipped with gas-powered direct flame technology versus traditional infrared technology. It preserves the concept and numerous advantages of our Afogrill™ roasting solution.
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  • Afogrill™ Infrared Roasting

    Multiple products can be processed with the Afogrill™, both bulk and convenience products. The Afogrill combines two methods of heat transfer when grilling or roasting meat, fish, vegetables or bakery products, namely infrared...
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  • Afomarker™ Bar Marking

    The Afomarker™ applies natural grill marks to cooked, chilled or frozen food products. Our bar marking technology utilizes burners that enable a high level of constant temperature accuracy of the rings for product...
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  • Aforôti™ Rotating Grill

    Our Aforôti™ rotating grill is an alternative solution to the traditional rotisserie for grilling meat and poultry products. While grilling products in a continuous manner, the Aforôti combines our well-known Infrared technology with...
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  • Afosearer™ Flame Searing

    The Afosearer™ is our latest Afoheat solution designed to respond to industry demand for a gas powered flame oven (similar to Afoflame™), but with a small footprint. The Afosearer can be equipped with...
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