The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Industrial Breading & Frying Equipment

Whether you’re looking for individual breading and frying machines or a complete turnkey solution, we offer Deighton breading and frying equipment to meet your needs. Four separate machines are available for predusting, battering, breading, and frying, which can be used as standalone systems or as a continuous, fully automatic line. Optional belt widths are available for various capacity requirements.
  • Preduster Series

    This Preduster is an automated solution for applying a thin coating of dust or flour to a product to enhance batter adhesion and improve yields. With capacities ranging from 850 to 2,600 lbs...
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  • Batter Enrober Series

    A batter enrober takes the hassle out of marinating and battering a variety of products, from meats and seafood to ethnic product and produce. This machine comes in both "waterfall" and "dip" styles...
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  • Breader Series

    This Breader can handle numerous types of crumb with ease, making it ideal for a wide variety of breading applications. You can easily adjust the thickness of the crumb bed and curtain for...
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  • Fryer Series

    With four sizes and eight belt configurations, this Fryer provides a versatile, cost-effective frying solution for food processors of all sizes. Whether you want to flash fry spring rolls or falafel, or fully...
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